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WRITING: these days, it should probably be relabelled ‘typing’

My clients include:
Australian Fitness Network
Fitness First
Active Media Group
Ezypay (Australian & New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and Australian Fitness Industry Survey 2008)
Fourth Wall Events
Destination Communications
Dr Joanna
Go Home on Time Day
Active Management
50 Sports in 50 Weeks
Ski Yoghurt
Heinz / Weight Watchers
National Sales Academy
Impact Training Corporation
Face-to-Face Retention
Gymlink Australia
What's New in Fitness
St Ives

At the risk of tooting my own horn (but let’s face it – who else will if I don’t?), I’ve been tapping out articles and moulding information into a readable format, for the past (almost) two decades.

To date, I’ve been published in four adoption books, both in Australia and internationally; I've co-authored Australian Fitness Industry Reports, and ghost-written a few books. I've penned articles for fitness and industry publications; I've crafted advertorials/advertising copy for some of the big names, and I started writing comedy debates for a high profile comedian in Melbourne way back in the 90s (and gee, I hope to finish one any day now!).

I’m so lucky to have discovered what ignites joy for me and, as odd as it may seem to some, my true passion in life (other than great food, fab friends, awesome surf, my gorgeous husband and my beautiful daughter) is to play with words. I really do get excited about crafting syllables into sentences, and transforming sentences into documents. I absolutely love it and I’d be stoked to be able to do it for you!

If you have a project that needs an enthusiastic and efficient writer, then drop me a line and, if need be, I’ll sift through my archives to find a sample of what you’re after, to confirm that I am the right gal for the gig! Or, if you’d like to make contact with my clients to assess my abilities, please shoot me an email and I’ll bribe, I mean ask them to contact you.

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